Valerie Page was a lesbian actress and later inmate at "Larkhill Resettlement Camp", occupant at room four.

Valerie was from Nottingham. While at a single-sex grammar school, she meets her first girlfriend, Sara. The couple is told by their teacher that lesbianism is "an adolescent phase that people outgrow". Valerie does not and comes out to her parents, who disown her; a week later she moves to London to study drama.

As a young woman, Valerie stars in her first film, The Salt Flats. While filming, she meets a woman named Ruth, and the two become lovers. However, over the three years of their relationship, the situation between the United States and the Soviet Union spirals out of control and—after the resulting war—chaos erupts in Britain, eventually creating a nationwide power vacuum that the fascist Norsefire party exploits to seize power. Once in control, the new government criminalizes homosexuality and sends homosexuals to "resettlement camps".

Ruth is apprehended by Norsefire's secret police, the Finger, while buying food. Shortly afterwards, Valerie is arrested and sent to Larkhill resettlement camp (Valerie writes that she learned that Ruth betrayed her to the authorities under torture and later committed suicide in her cell out of guilt). At Larkhill, Valerie is one of the number that Dr. Delia Surridge and Commander Lewis Prothero use as test subjects. As the experiments progress, Valerie writes her autobiography using a small pencil she smuggled into the camp ("inside myself, because I am a woman") and a roll of toilet paper. Just before she dies, she passes it to the occupant in the cell next to hers, Room V. The autobiography is the catalyst that psychologically transforms the occupant of Room V into the masked "V". He then destroys the camp and escapes.