Conrad Heyer is the head of "The Eye," the visual-surveillance department of Norsefire

His wife, Helen Heyer hinted at The Party's plot to take advantage of the chaos left in the wake of a nuclear war and apparently planned to install Conrad as the ruler of the country, while she secretly pulled his strings. She persuades Scottish gangster Alistair Harper to feed her information on movements by his boss, Peter Creedy, and the Finger, the political police arm of the Norsefire state. She promises him control of the Finger when Conrad comes to power.

Later on, Helen starts an affair with Harper, and their lovemaking is caught in a closed-circuit bedroom camera that she knows is installed in the bedrooms of every member of the Norsefire Party but she believes is inoperative.

V sends Conrad a videotape of Helen being unfaithful in a monitoring room to his complete shock and he snaps. He lures Harper into a room in his house where the same video is playing. While Harper is entertained, Conrad ambushes him and beats him to death with a wrench, but not before being mortally wounded by Harper's razor.

Helen then discovers the two in the secret room, and seeing that her plans are ruined, berates him one last time before wiring up a camera to the TV set so Conrad can watch himself bleed to death.


In the film, he is played by Guy Henry.

Although his role is greatly reduced, he does inform Chancellor Adam Sutler of a report stating that "V", a masked terrorist targeting Norsefire officials, would likely destroy Parliament with an airborne attack. He also states that Finch has filed a report suggesting use of an Underground train, though the subway tunnels around Parliament have long been sealed. Finch is later proven to have been right and Parliament is destroyed by V's funeral train.