Brian Etheridge is the head of the Norsefire government audio-surveillance division, the "Ear". The group is responsible for random audio surveillance. For unknown reasons he is known among other senior government officials by the nickname 'Bunny' Etheridge. He has a prominent stutter.

The trademark of the Ear is the large armored surveillance vehicles. These vans spout aerial dishes, directional microphones, sousveillance devices, infrared and visual CCTV (though Earmen rarely watch the camera feed) and sometimes machine guns. To aid Norsefire, the vans constantly roam the streets of London and report their audio findings to Etheridge. He is also in charge of the "Blacklist", which is a list of all music that has been banned by the government.

He is killed when V destroys the "Ear," as he was working overnight.


In the film adaptation, he is played by Eddie Marsan.

In the film, his fate is unknown. Etheridge is last seen during the final cabinet meeting on November 4.